Mykel and Sons was founded on christian beliefs and a committement to quality prices, free local delivery, and better way of doing business. 
Established in 2007, Kerry brought 20+ years of retail experience to The Glove Guy franchise.  Working in corporate america, he learned how "Not" to do business.  Frustrated, he brought his own philosphy to his business.  Kerry was committed to supplying products and services with a new twist.....honesty and integrity. 
You can depend on Kerry Mykel and Sons to deliver a high quality product along with competative pricing, free local delivery, and a genuine concern for your personal and professional glove and safety equipment needs.  Kerry will never sell you anything you don't need and will always stand behind what he sells. 
Kerry is committed to the complete satisfaction of each of his customers.  He wants to be your "Glove Guy" for many years to come.
About Mykel and Sons
"adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character;
- Definition
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